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Restaurant review: do we really need another Barburrito in the city?

ByMolly Newhouse

Oct 4, 2016

Barburrito has just opened a new restaurant on Forrest Road. I was told the store had been specially designed for students but was unsure what that actually meant. So armed with a friend and an empty stomach, I decided to find out.

My first impression was that this was a subway for burritos – it had the similar ‘make-your-own-and-add-what-you-want’ feel about it. The staff were friendly and seemed eager to talk me through each step of the burrito construction.

Keen to try as much as I could, I chose a loaded burrito which allowed me to pick two main fillings (chicken and spicy pulled pork in my case), in addition to a plethora of vegetables and salsa. As all good burritos should be, it came so aggressively stuffed that I was worried that it would fall apart as soon as I touched it.

I was handed my wrap, encased in foil and nestled in a plastic basket, and could not help to be a little disappointed. Is this what they mean by ‘aimed at students’? Can we not trust the leaders of tomorrow with plates? I know this casual presentation is big at the moment, but for me, it feels too much like fast food and for the price, it really should not.

In total, my meal and drink came to approximately £9, and for that price I wanted it to feel less like fast food and more special. The seating area is a casual space, with the choice of booths or tables, and featuring a fully-functional foosball and ping pong table. That is certainly a bonus compared to what a university lunch will get you.

The place was relatively quiet, so we had the pick of the seating. We chose a booth where we had a good view of most of the restaurant. From here we were able to admire the design, which appeared very industrial and simplistic.  I spotted the open kitchen, a feature that comforted me, as you knew the kitchen would be held to high cleanliness standards (I used to work in a kitchen, so I know how bad it gets).

Having had a good look around, my attention was brought back to the main act, my burrito. I hastily unwrapped and took the biggest bite I could. I forgave the bad presentation when I realised how good it tasted. Despite having chosen medium-hot options, it was not as spicy as I would have liked, so I helped myself to some Barburrito hot sauce.

The staff had used a kind of burrito magic, whereby all components of the burrito were present in every bite. That was the kind of magic I could do with in my life. The food was cooked to perfection and all the flavours went together incredibly well; the strong salsa was complimented by the crisp watery lettuce. Yes, this burrito was good.

Heads up- do not take a date here if you are unsure whether they will still like you with pulled pork and hot sauce dripping down your chin. It will happen. Burritos are fat, messy food meant only for the biggest tex-mex lovers.

When I swallowed the last bite I felt accomplished but also like I was not going to be able to make it back to lectures unless I was allowed to sit here a while longer. As I left, I felt satisfied with my meal, but also made a mental note that if I came back, I would get take away so I could sit in the meadows and not feel weirdly angry about my basket food… That would really be a true student style way to enjoy it.



[ Image: Barburitto ]

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