Return of Black Friday: is it really worth the hassle?

Black Friday is coming up on the 29th November. The annual event means that you can snap up those early Christmas gifts and maybe even treat yourself to a new addition to your winter wardrobe.

However, the hectic department stores, the queues at customer services and the realisation that the only things in the sale are actually 4 sizes too small and covered in glitter, mean Black Friday can also be a massive nightmare. Here are some helpful hacks to make the shopping event of the year smooth, simple and easy to survive.

Set that alarm just a little earlier than others. We have all seen the news reports from the US of shoppers even getting violent when it comes the securing the sale purchase. Get ahead of the game and get there early. This way you won’t be left fighting over the last discounted TV like over friends over the pond.

Economise as you buy. Whilst you may yourself not desire to waste that much valued student loan on a luxury self-indulgent extravagance, Black Friday can be a great opportunity to buy things to others. Christmas is only a month away and lets all face it, leaving the gift purchasing until the 24th of December is not ideal.

Plan ahead and use Black Friday to your advantage. Get those new slippers for your dad and that new handbag for your mum. Treat your sister to a new nail polish and aftershave for the bro. There will be no need for pathetic re-gifting if you use Black Friday wisely.

However if the thought of people, crowds and incessant queuing in overheated department stores makes you nervous, there is a solution. Why not save your pennies for November’s virtual shopping event of the year? Remember that Cyber Monday is just around the corner occurring a mere three days after Black Friday on December 2nd. The concept is still the same but this likewise adopted American tradition is just the anti-social and slightly lazier equivalent. With Cyber Monday that sweet deal is just a click away – no fuss needed and you don’t even need to leave the house!

When the anticipatory stress of what is the 21st century shopaholic’s dream (or even nightmare) gets too much, remember that you could just simply avoid the event completely. There are some who claim that Black Friday is a mere marketing scheme deceiving us into buying things that we don’t actually want or need.

With potential false advertising featuring only illusory 50 % reductions when in fact the supposed ‘full price’ never existed in the first place, it could all be a total scam. Perhaps even consider the fact that some products have come down in price so much because stores can’t shift their stock. Are you really getting a bargain or are you just buying last season’s leftovers? The lesson to take away is to think before you buy.

Whether this is to incorporate strategic planning or to boycott the day completely, make sure you’re a conscientious consumer this November 29th.


Image: gonghuimin468 via Pixabay

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