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Review: A Very Crypto Christmas

ByMátin Cheung

Dec 12, 2023
a man with a christmas hat on and coins in his mouth

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Before entering Summerhall to see Adrenalism Theatre’s  A Very Crypto Christmas, one may ask oneself: how can Christmas be crypto? The answer to this question is what Warren and Stew, the signature duo of the company, want to offer to the audiences. 

While entering, we are all provided with some chocolate coins. However, when we are told not to eat them, the coins remind me of the awkward technology or economic presentation I have been to, where the coins will be used as a metaphor for currency. 

The duo appears on the stage in suits. Just like any salesmen desperately selling products which they themselves don’t understand either, Warren and Stew struggle to make hilariously absurd links between cryptocurrency and Christmas. Between the two, Warren appears to be the ‘sensible’ one, who prefers A Christmas Carol and wants to keep everything on track. On the other hand, Stew, his clumsy colleague, is a big fan of The Snowman on Channel 4 and keeps interpreting Warren by forgetting lines and reading out from his notes. His childish fantasies including performing ridiculous magic tricks during the presentation soon drive Warren mad.

Mixed with interactive performance with audience members and physical comedy, the constantly changing relationship between the two amazing leads is the delicious core of  A Very Crypto Christmas. Although it may fail to help you out financially, this delightful comedy is a great way to start your festival celebration and test your singing skills during its bonus office party Xmas Karaoke.

Image provided via Summerhall Press Release.