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Review: Beer & Skittles Sports Bar

ByLeda Olia

Mar 24, 2018

Finding a sports bar that covers all the bases can be hard to come by. When it comes to watching a match, comfort and style are usually thrown out the window in favour of dirt-cheap drinks and convenience. Usually, you’re left with an overcrowded pub where you have fight for your view of the screen.

Beer & Skittles, a sports bar in New Town, does things a bit differently. Located just below the acclaimed Steak Restaurant & Brasserie, Beer & Skittles takes a few notes from it’s upstairs neighbour to make the Sports Bar experience about more than just catching a rugby match.

Down the neon-lit staircase you’ll find a windowless basement bar, it’s dark decor brightened up not only by the on trend shadow boxes, but also by the friendly staff. Even at the tail end of a Six Nations Saturday, the waiting staff seemed to be in high spirits.

Like any sports bar, Beer & Skittles can get rowdy with passionate fans. However, with the option of booking a table (or an entire cushy booth), in advance, Beer & Skittles takes the stress out of trying to finding somewhere for you and all your friends to catch the next game.

You’ll find multiple television screens on every wall so you’ll never miss out on any of the action. If you’re on a competitive streak, you can even try your hand at table football. Beer & Skittles also has an extensive drinks menu with, you guessed it, a variety of beer on tap and in the fridge, as well as a fairly extensive cocktail menu for those who enjoy something a bit more fruity.

If you’re in the mood for some hearty fare, there’s a decent-sized selection of burgers and main dishes on the menu. The pulled pork burger is filled with melt-in-your-mouth, slow cooked pork and the rack of ribs is gargantuan.

However, the real stars of the menu are the sharers and bar bites. The loaded fries comprise of a heavenly nachos and fries mash up, with a pile of crispy skin-on fries piled high with paprika sour cream, salsa, and just a little bit more of that succulent pulled pork. Chicken wings are a must for any game night, and Beer & Skittles’ version provides great finger food for sharing (just be sure to order a side of Szechuan sauce a la Rick & Morty for dipping!). However, the highlight of the menu has to be the mac ‘n’ cheese balls. These fried bites of creamy mac ‘n’ cheese will certainly have you coming back for more.

Despite being a “sports bar” by name, Beer & Skittles really elevates the experience of watching a match. With accommodating staff, comfortable seating and delicious, shareable bar bites, Beer & Skittles can do it all.

Check it out at 14 Picardy Place, New Town EH1 3JT


image: Free-Photos via pixabay

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