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Review: Bread Meets Bread

ByAilidh Forlan

Dec 2, 2015

Bread Meats Bread does exactly what it says on the tin, and much much more. Not only is their menu vast with finger-licking messy high-quality Scotch beef burgers, but they also cater for hot dog enthusiasts, spicy food fans, grilled cheese lovers and vegetarians, and even offer gluten-free and dairy-free alternatives too. Hallelujah! Edinburgh’s love affair with Glasgow’s popular burger joint has finally begun. With witty burger puns such as ‘Sunshine On Beef’ and ‘Fear and Lothian’, BMB creates a personal touch; they mean business and they’re here to stay. The aim is simple; good quality comfort food in a casual, minimalist setting, and with a glass wall separating the kitchen and our city’s ravenous foodies, the chefs really have nowhere to hide. But why should they hide? BMB only use the highest quality, 28-day dry aged beef from local farms, which oozes out of freshly baked Brioche buns from North Berwick’s Bostok Bakery. ‘We’re all about fresh produce. We are not pretentious in what we do; our goal is to be in the middle of niche and mainstream. Most importantly, we provide value. Bread Meats Bread is the closest you will get to home cooking because we make almost everything here’ (Ylli Dushi, Operations Manager). It’s a casual affair; there are no-frills or expensive price tags, and despite the no-reservation policy, their reliable speedy service ensures only a short worthwhile wait. Everything from their non-descript Scottish ‘easy drinking’ house lager, to their slow-cooked Smoked Beef Brisket or Classic Poutine smothered in cheese curds and rich gravy, has been well thought through; the flavours marry perfectly and you’re left feeling immensely satisfied.


If these whopping portions don’t do it for you, there’s always the to-die-for doughnuts filled with homemade Madagascan vanilla custard, hazelnut cream or raspberry jam to fill you up. In fact, bear this in mind when you’re ordering! You simply have to save room for these delicious sugary treats. Throw on your loose fitting jeans, grab a bunch of friends, and head down to Edinburgh’s newest restaurant; you won’t regret it!


Good for: reasonably priced top-quality produce in a chilled setting.

Bad for: first dates – things can get outrageously messy and you will want to lick the plate clean!

Image: Ailidh Forlan

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