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Review: Frisky

ByJulie Zaugg

Mar 24, 2015

Frisky is Scotland’s original frozen yoghurt or “Froyo” brand, they are famous for selling delicious fat-free probiotic sweets, made from their own recipes and they’ve been in Edinburgh since 2012. You can find their treats at Lothian and Forest Road – they are launching their 3rd birthday party on May 18, check out the event on Facebook.

Their froyos are made from natural products including fresh milk coming from free-range farms, so they are 100 per cent pure yoghurts on which you can add the toppings of your choice, from fruits to chocolate, biscuit crumbs or candies. There is a choice of Natural, Chocolate or Alphonso Mango flavours for the yoghurt. The prices vary between £2.40 and £5.80 depending on the size and the number of toppings chosen.

Frisky also offers a drink coming from Taiwan that is gaining more and more fame: the Bubble Tea. This is a fruity or milky tea based drink with tapioca pearls and syrup ones (called “popping bobà”) or jelly in the bottom. Served either hot or cold, you just have to choose a flavoured tea – Black or Green, depends which one you fancy most- and add 2 choices of pearls and/or jelly made from a natural extract of coconut water.

If you are still hungry after lunch or didn’t have a 4pm snack, these drinks are substantial enough to allow you to study some more and last a whole afternoon at the library. For £3, I had a Passion Fruit green tea to which I added strawberry pearls and tropical jelly, the whole mix was very tasty and refreshing until the tea was all gone and I then had to fight with my straw to catch the rest of jelly and pearls left at the bottom! Whether it’s for the bubble tea or froyo, this place is going to be right up your street.

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