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REVIEW: Gotta Taste ‘Em All Brazilian Crêpes

ByJulie Zaugg

Feb 17, 2015

Gotta Taste ‘Em All is focusing this week on the green house-shaped stall on Middle Meadow Walk which cooks crêpes in an exotic way.

The story behind this stall is cute and starts back in 2010, when Fernando Miranda was a student at the University of Edinburgh and was dating a young woman called Gardenia. She became pregnant and so both had to look for a job to support this new family.

“There was already a driving force, at the time, to create something related to street food”, explained Fernando, so they built together a project of fresh juices which would be sold thanks to a bicycle – which you have probably already seen, leaning against the stall. While they were trying to get the license for this idea, they noticed that the green house-shaped stall was for rent and went for it instead, thinking this was a great opportunity. But what to do with it? Hotdogs? Coffee? That was a bit too mainstream for the two Brazilians, who decided to turn it into a tasty crêpes and pancakes stall.

“I used to work at Camden Market in London, I made fresh juices and pancakes”, Miranda relates, “I realised the latter was something very versatile, that there were many things to be done with it!” So, since Fernando had some experience in juice and pancake making, his wife Gardenia had some cooking experience with Brazilian influence, and they had just acquired the said stall, they created this Brazilian crêpes concept.

Running for more than four years, they offer savoury crêpes (from £4) made with seasonal and fresh products mainly bought at a local wholesaler. There is a wide range of choice such as “Release the Chicken” or “Steak pancake”, but also vegetarian  and sweet options (from £3) such as “Monkey in the Night”. You will also be able to enjoy music while queuing, the two owners being big aficionados. Find them from Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 7pm this winter.

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