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Review: Guys We F****d

ByAthena Zhao

Mar 15, 2017

Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher, two New Yorkers of the comedy duo ‘Sorry About Last Night,’ host the podcast Guys We F****d, the self-proclaimed ‘anti-slut-shaming podcast.’ The two comedians work to normalise and encourage discussion about all facets of sex and sexuality through candid, goofy, and irreverent conversations and interviews.

The podcast has evolved from its start four years previously. The first episode featured an hour long interview with Vinnie, one of Corinne’s fuck-buddies. Now, the duo produces weekly two-hour long shows which feature discussions about love, sexuality, and gender with fellow comedians, friends, and live-show audience members.

The Guys We F****d podcast is an important medium for sexual understanding, dismantling taboos and educating those with ill-formed preconceived notions. To create a cohesive and inclusive picture of sexuality in America, the duo have interviewed people from all walks of life: a dominatrix with a bipolar father, a comedian whose father is a paedophile, hip-hop legend DJ Whoo Kid.

Corinne and Krystyna ensure that they understand the background of each interviewee, be that growing up gay in conservative America, black in gang-heavy Brooklyn, or breaking away from the Mormon faith. Whether the guest is a lawyer or an adult film star, the Guys We F****d podcast aims to humanise, encouraging greater understanding and acceptance across gender, racial, and socioeconomic divides.  

Equipped with their New England American accents and killer senses of humour, the duo perform an impressive balancing act: answering questions from fans and doling out sincere advice about growing up, pursuing your dreams, and how to tell your boyfriend that you want to try pegging, while simultaneously never taking life too seriously. The two hosts come across in each episode with a warmth, familiarity, and savage honesty that makes the both of them feel like the older sisters or crazy aunts you’ve always wanted to have.

Image Credit: sasint @ Pixabay

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