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Review: Melon Bay Smoothie Bar

ByMegan Kenyon

Dec 8, 2018

Nestled in the midst of Clerk Street is Edinburgh’s latest addition to the smoothie scene. Having opened to the public on Monday 26 November, Melon Bay is a fresh new face on one of Edinburgh’s busiest streets. Only a short walk from Appleton Tower and George Square and with a range of deliciously healthy flavours to choose from, it is perfect for a between-lecture pick-me-up.

Named after Mellon Udrigle, “a place close to [his] heart,” Melon Bay is the innovation of Chris MacRae. Having been in the works for a number of years, Chris is now able to put his dream into motion with Melon Bay now officially open for business.

The café itself is minimalist, adding to the simple yet effective overall vibe. With beautiful wall art and a cool décor, the café keeps its focus on the main event: the smoothies. Melon Bay’s range is completely vegan and there is an assortment of different combinations to select, from a delicious raspberry, mango, and strawberry blend to blackberry, blueberry, apple, kiwi, and banana. All smoothies are entirely fruit based and strike the perfect balance between nutritional and appetising and, at £3 each, are very reasonable. Melon Bay also offers a selection of pastries, doughnuts and salads with hot drinks served there too.

An admirable quality of Melon Bay is their use of compostable plastic cups to hold their smoothies. Alongside the fact that their range of blends is completely vegan, their use of sustainable cups, as well as plates and cutlery, is an important part of their charm, reflecting the thought which has gone into every detail of the café’s foundation. Melon Bay’s inclusion of sustainability makes it a super addition to Edinburgh’s food and drink locale.

The hard work which has gone into setting up Melon Bay is evident and despite its chilly beverages, the café offers a warm atmosphere. With Chris hoping to increasingly add to the combinations on offer, Melon Bay looks set to go from strength to strength.


Photo: Andrew Perry 

By Megan Kenyon

Megan is the current Welfare Officer and a former Editor-in-Chief at The Student. She started writing in her first year, becoming an Editor of the Comment section in her second year and Editor-in-Chief in her third. She studies English literature and religious studies. 

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