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Review : This Time Next Year

ByRuth Connaughton

Nov 8, 2016

This Time Next Year is the perfect new reality show for when you do not want to focus too much, but you also love watching people’s dreams come true on screen.

Hosted by Davina McCall, each episode is split into five sections. In each section, different people make a promise to achieve a goal of some sort and then return one year later to reveal to the audience (and an ever-surprised Davina) whether they accomplished it or not.

On paper, this does sound somewhat fake and a bit cheesy, and for good reason because it very much is. But despite the slightly silly reactions from Davina at times – such as the time she exclaimed, “Is that how much you were eating?!” when an overweight woman opened up about her bingeing – I surprised myself by loving it. I think a massive reason for this was the fact that every guest she had on the show appeared genuine, inspiring, and extremely likeable.

For example, a boy called Dylan bravely and articulately discussed how it felt to watch his parents go through multiple miscarriages, and to then see him come back a year later with a little sister on the way was truly heart-warming.

One of my other favourite stories was of a woman called Jodie, who completely transformed her body in just 12 months to enter (and win!) a body building contest. I was in awe of not only her new athletic physique but even more so of how dedicated she was to achieving her goal.

I did, however, find the show annoyingly fake and almost pantomime-esque at times. It is meant to be a reality show, but Davina clearly knows whether or not the guests have fulfilled their pledges. However, she pretends to be as shocked as the audience and does at times come across as almost too sugary-sweet.

Overall, this is worth a watch if it happens to be on, but I am not sure if I would necessarily plan my evening around it just yet.

Image : Dafne Cholet @ Flickr

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