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Review: Voujon

ByHelen Elston

Feb 16, 2016

Curry might not be an immediate choice when considering a meal out. Indeed, preconceived ideas of a tiny eatery with takeaway goers rushing in and out (whilst keeping open the door) may dominate when thinking of a curry house. However, Voujon – an Indian restaurant on Newington Road – is a real delight.

Voujon’s menu boasts a wide selection: from a separate selection of drier based dishes, to fish curries, to an extensive collection of vegetarian dishes; there’s bound to be a dish that will catch your eye. The bread crumbed butterfly king prawns from the starters menu was deep‐fryed to perfection, with the accompanying mango yoghurt sauce complimenting the crispiness of the prawns. From the mains section, The Methi Gost – cutlets of lamb with spices – was flavoursome, however the lamb was slightly tough and would have benefited from a little less cooking. However, the portion was generous, and was accompanied by a generous amount of garlic naan bread that achieved the right balance between crisp and soft.

The king prawn Rhogan Josh was also a success. Although the addition of raita – a yogurt dish – helped to reduce the heat, the tastes were pleasant, and the prawns were faultlessly cooked. However, as the curry did not come with rice already, it was necessary to order accompaniments. This did increase the price; perhaps the addition of a student deal where rice is included might benefit the menu.

The overall experience was very enjoyable. The décor was typical for an Indian restaurant, but the tablecloths added a touch of class to the evening, making the venue suitable for more special events. However, one of the main highlights of Voujon was the service, which was welcoming and consistent throughout the meal. So why not refrain from ordering yet another takeaway next time and head down for an authentic Indian meal?

Image Credit: Voujon Restaurant

By Helen Elston

Helen Elston is The Student’s Literature Editor and was a Comedy Editor for the Fringe Festival Edition 2015

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