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Ridin’ Solo: tackling the myths of travelling alone

ByKatarina Slater

Oct 4, 2018

Even the mere thought of travelling abroad alone can be daunting for many. However, the stigma surrounding travelling solo is unwarranted, as travelling solo can be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life. So, see below for some tips on how to eradicate those nerves and how to make the most of the opportunity! 

The most important tip when planning your trip is to learn from other’s experiences of travelling to the destination you have in mind. This could be from either a friend or an online blog. Someone you know personally is advised as the information they’ll provide could be more reliable than online travel advisers, more detailed, and you can learn about the places that are off the beaten track. 

Another huge benefit of travelling on your own is that it means you can make sure you prioritise exactly what you want to do. You do not have to cater to anyone else’s wishes and do not have to worry about any tension or arguments that may arise with your fellow travellers. By being on your own, you can form your own views on your experiences and have lone ramblings by yourself rather than enduring petty arguments about which club to go to every night or which person is responsible for getting everyone lost.

When travelling alone, it is important to be open-minded and allow yourself to give in to moments of spontaneity as this can lead to the most rewarding adventures. This could manifest itself as staying in hostels, meeting new people and then deciding to travel with them to different destinations.

Travelling solo gives you the freedom to meet people you may not have otherwise, especially when travelling in a group.  This could be because you become overly comfortable and remain chained to pre-arranged excursions instead of allowing this time to be for flexibility and adventure. Being on your own also forces you to interact with locals more than you perhaps would have if you were with other people, thus allowing yourself to become more immersed in the culture.

Although there is the issue of vulnerability when travelling by yourself, which you should certainly keep in mind and prepare yourself for, that should not dissuade you from allowing this time for you to be by yourself. There is unlikely to be another time in your life when you can carve out time where you can be the top priority, with self-development and growth being the only goals.

So, if you take anything from this, do not be worried about travelling solo somewhere. If there is somewhere you desperately want to go, don’t hang around for someone else. Give into the cliché, go and be the typical gap-yah-person and find yourself. 

Image: Creative Commons CC0 via pxhere

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