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Rixton – Wait On Me

ByZanny Jacobsen

Nov 25, 2014
Image: popjustice.com

Rixton’s summer release, ‘Wait On Me’ has climbed the UK charts into the top 40 and has begun to make a significant dent in the US music scene. Indeed, it is an incredibly catchy tune, with its smooth reggae-infused cadence, echoing whistles, and Jack Roche’s clear auto-tuned soaring vocals. A clean and pristine single, ‘Wait On Me’ has a manufactured sound that is stylistically identical to Maroon 5. The song has absolutely no character. It is painfully predictable and fails to take any musical risks. The thumping beat is dragged under by the mellow reggae undertones, and becomes rather cheesy with the recurring high-pitched whistling.

Although it seems to be intended for the dancefloor, it lacks any energy at all. Thus, ‘Wait On Me’ can only lollop along, becoming the stagnant hip-sway of a song that it is.

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