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Rob Auton: The Time Show Review

BySorel Read

Aug 20, 2019

Have you ever wondered who came up with time? Rob Auton has, and he’s given the concept quite some thought. He amusingly questions whether people thought the idea of time would stick around, and for that matter why we bother sticking with it in the first place.

In a hilarious and unexpectedly moving hour, Auton contests the purpose and use of time in society and concludes that it is the one thing that binds us all together: regardless of all other beliefs and opinions, no one will argue over a minute or two of time. He manages to be comically deadpan and emanate a kind and friendly demeanour all at once, delighting the audience with a stream of jokes and interacting with them wonderfully to talk about birthdays and, funnily enough, ask them what the time is. 

It’s clear that Auton has a devoted Fringe following, as he remarks upon the familiar faces in his audience, expressing heartfelt emotion that they have all returned to his show with a joke about how grateful he is that it’s the people who actually enjoy his shows who come back. It’s this kind of thing that creates such a warm and personable energy to the show, making every member of the audience vow to immediately become part of this following.

It is a privilege to have an insight into the way this man views time and how it links us, pointing out the value of different moments. Finishing off with a beautiful and genuinely touching poem comparing his life and its moments to a roll of bubble wrap, he uses his gift with words to trigger thoughtful discussion after the show, and one audience member is heard to deem it a very life-affirming hour – an apt description. Here, well-crafted jokes and perceptive spoken word find a perfect balance.


Runs until 26th August at 2.50pm

Assembly Studio 5, 50 George Square

Tickets here


Credit Julian Ward

By Sorel Read

Theatre Editor

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