Rosalía’s ‘A Palé’ sees her rising to new heights

Content warning: sexual imagery

Rosalía’s 2018 album El Mal Querer provided a sexy, jerking sound, much craved and thus fiendishly devoured at the feast of pop. Bland and tired attempts at Spanish-ish songs permeate this banquet, so Rosalia’s contribution was exciting, crisp, her moaning voice on ‘Malamente’, pushing words deep into a red, purple pool of tar.

In ‘A Palé’, she is rising high. It sounds like squinting eyes, floating and ascending. Then, it smashes down like a grapefruit in a carpark, splashing and spunking everywhere, seeping into the tarmac. Lyrically, she hymns of a star, la estrella, and then she falls, bouncing, creeping about ‘esta roca como brilla’, her shining rock. Rosalía treads the skeletal line between existing in heavenly auras, celestial floatings making their way from her voice, her hands too, to the song. It continues with a really gritty, grounded sound, heavy, nasty percussion prodding and poking around her voice so low it shudders walls, the clogged compacted soil under the concrete floor wriggling and shunting.

An inch before the end, she hovers and jumps between the spaces, an industrial idyll. More rich feedings will take place at the feast of pop if Rosalía continues with this sumptuous taste.

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By Rosamond Sutton

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