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ROYGBIV: Halloween Costumes

Image: alltechbuzz.net

Pumpkins, cats, bed-sheet ghosts… been there done that. 2014 is your year to impress with your creative costume. Extra points for extra spook. Without further ado. Boo!

1) Yes, yes, we know pumpkins have been done, but not in this guise. Why not try going as a Pumpkin Spice Latte. And if anyone says your costume isn’t scary enough, direct them to the Twitter backlash against the #PSL girls of Instagram. Essential Components: whipped cream hat, orange leggings and a whiff of unspecified ‘pumpkin flavouring’.

2) This might seem too Christmassy, but hear us out. It’s all the rage in France, except for supporters of the far right, so why not go as Paul McCarthy’s Christmas-tree-cum-butt-plug (see page 19 if you’re not up to date on this story). You could even make this a group costume and get your mates to come as other festive sex toys. It’s not that niche, and gives a whole new meaning to raunchy costumes. Take that, Playboy bunny! Essential Components: green balloons, dunce hat and a peplum shirt.

3) This one might take a little extra imagination, but everyone who’s anyone has heard of this classic literary technique so we’re sure it’ll go down a (trick-or) treat. You guessed it, we’re talking about ‘The Unreliable Narrator’. The good thing about this costume is that you can still wear your coolest clothes and impress that guy or girl you’ve got your eye on. Essential Component: Your hip flatmate’s wardrobe.

4) If you often sport the ‘all-black-everything’ look, surprise your friends with this costume. Someone is always bound to go as a spell-muttering, cauldron-churning witch. Turn your mind to your favourite children’s tale and go as the White Witch from Narnia. Introduce yourself as ‘Jadis’ and watch your friends’ bewitched faces (apparently that’s her real name). Essential Components: white furs (try Armstrongs), a sceptre, and a friend willing to wear one of those embarrassing wolf tees for the night.

5) Give the Halloween ghost a theatrical kick, and channel’s the Bard’s famously problematic apparition. Again, a reasonably flexible costume as King Hamlet is famously hard to stage. This might work in the introvert’s favour – if anyone asks why you weren’t there, explain you were, but they just couldn’t see you. Essential Components: nonchalance and deadlines.

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