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ROYGBIV : Signs of Spring

ByThe Culture Editors

Mar 10, 2015
Image courtesy of Andrew Bossi (wikicommons user Thisisbossi)

The 1st of March was first day of spring, or officially, at least. The snowstorm that blew through Edinburgh on the 2nd would, however, beg to differ. So would the darkening skies before 6pm, and the Culture team’s continued use/abuse of electric blanket and hot water bottles. ‘Spring’ is still wishful thinking.

To guide you through these dark days and to help you find the ‘spring’ in the air (and your step) we’ve put together a series of cultural allusions to the more balmy months where one jumper is sufficient.  Read ahead with caution, some of our links may be more tenuous than others.

1. It would be a crime not to start with ‘Daffodils’, and since the meadows haven’t yet delivered on these yellow symbols of spring, you can live vicariously through Wordsworth’s poetry. Or you could just ‘wander lonely as a cloud’ to Sainsbury’s a get a bunch for a pound.

2. Everyone’s favourite seasonal snack, the hot-cross-bun, finds its equivalent in two of the nation’s questionable best-sellers. Bella and Anastasia, ‘heroines’ of ‘Twilight’ and ’50 Shades’ respectively, find an unexpected bun in the oven in these poor attempts at fiction. We choose the Tesco variety.

3. As we all eagerly await Edinburgh’s main insta-attraction, the Jawbone walk Cherry Blossoms, let’s take the opportunity to celebrate some truly late literary bloomers. Our picks include Ginny Weasley (the fiery little sister who nabs The Chosen One), Mia Thermopolis (credit goes to ®Frizz Ease and ®Tweezerman)

4. Easter eggs might be beginning stock the shelves in Scotmid. Thinking of eggs (trigger warning: tenuous link) has made of consider some of the most poorly ‘hatched’ plans in cultural history. Cue Romeo and Juliet’s tragically terrible plan. Ahh, young love, what stupid things it makes you do.

Speaking of Spring and the inevitable passage of time, it seems appropriate to mention that change is coming to the culture section as well. After more than a year in the job, the time has come for me to pass on the cultural beacon. There are many great things about The Student but the best thing has been the opportunity to work with all our writers, for you, our great readers. So to leave you all with the words of little Gretl, “The sun has gone to bed and so must I” – I don’t do well with late nights…

Kat Moir

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