Saskia’s Winter Tips: Four Ways to Enjoy the Rain

What with the dismal weather we have been experiencing in Edinburgh lately, I can certainly say it has got me down. Walking to lectures wearing damp denim is pretty dreadful, but arriving with a droplet teetering on the tip of your nose is enough to make you question why you moved to Scotland. Yet we are all here. And if this is the weather Edinburgh has in store for us, then perhaps it is time to face up and find a few ways to enjoy it.

Use it as an excuse to buy new clothes. You are definitely going to need a waterproof coat with a hood, at least one warm jumper, and some waterproof shoes to get through the season. So you might as well see it as a reason to go out shopping and indulge in a spot of retail therapy.

Go for an atmospheric walk. Just because it is raining does not mean you have to hibernate. Going for a walk in the rain can be a fantastic way to de-stress (as long as you dress appropriately). Throw on some wellies, open that umbrella and put in your headphones to take some time to appreciate nature and how beautiful rain can be.
Arrange to do indoor activities. Meet your friends for coffee, take a trip to the St James Centre (Edinburgh’s indoor shopping centre) or spend a few hours at the cinema. Remember: even though it is pouring down outside, this does not mean you cannot have a great time.

Simply Stay In! Arguably, staying in is not a way to enjoy the rain. But there is nothing more enjoyable than having a cosy day, all tucked up in bed with a few movies and snacks, and when it is chucking buckets out there it is the perfect excuse.

Photo Credit: Javier Vieras

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