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Scottish Labour leader to speak at pro-People’s Vote rally

ByEllen Blunsdon

Sep 7, 2019

On Monday 9 September, a People’s Vote rally will be held in conjunction with Edinburgh University Students’ Association.

Beginning at 6pm in Teviot Underground, the rally will take place as part of a series of event organised by ‘For Future’s Sake’, a youth and student-led movement campaigning for a People’s Vote on any form of Brexit.

The leader of the Scottish Labour Party Richard Leonard, will speak at the rally for the first time on the party’s explicitly pro-People’s Vote stance.

In a statement, Leonard said: “A no-deal Brexit would damage our economy and put lifeline services like our NHS at risk.

“Labour is clear that we must stop Boris Johnson’s plan for a no-deal Brexit.

“Any Brexit deal must be put back to the people’s to give them a final say with an option to Remain on the ballot paper.

“Scottish Labour will campaign passionately for a Remain victory to secure jobs, living standards and our country’s future.”

Leonard will be joined on stage by Students’ Association President Andrew Wilson, Our Future Our Choice activist Ailie Ross-Oliver and other political figures.

Wilson said: “I am extremely proud to be bringing together passionate students who believe in a Final Say on any Brexit deal.

“This year, the University of Edinburgh will be welcoming many students who were not given a vote for their future in 2016 and there will be many at the University who believe what was promised is no longer being delivered.

“In order to prevent us crashing out with No Deal and to break the Brexit deadlock, a People’s Vote is the only way forward.”

Image: Edinburgh University Students’ Association

By Ellen Blunsdon

Former President, Treasurer, Head Copy Editor, Editor-in-Chief and News Editor. Retired History and Politics student.

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