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Seasonal decor for your haunted house

ByEmily Hall

Oct 25, 2016

1.Rib Cage Lantern Bags

To add a more nuanced twist to the classic ambience-enhancing lantern bags, check out Present Boutique’s rib cage version for a ‘ghoulish glow’ at your next party. This is a great way to illuminate a room with some mood lighting, or line the way to a venue. Watch out if you are in a student accommodation and tea-lights are a no-go: electric candles are always a suitable substitute. Find this on St. Mary’s Street for only £4.

2. Witchy Signs

For the more authentic side of this pagan holiday, check out The Wyrd Shop, which features cauldrons, crystals, tarot cards and, for those who stick to mainstream Halloween, some signs alerting visitors to the presence of witches through warnings such as: “Don’t make me get my wand!” to hang on the front door. You can snag this down on Canongate and, for under £3, everyone who arrives at your abode will be informed of what they are getting into.

3. Crime Scene Tape Cobwebs

Cobwebs are a great way to enhance a lot of space at once, evoking a certain haunted atmosphere. For a more modern take, you can opt for some crime scene tape: a quick way to transform a whole space into one looming with recently deceased vengeful spirits. Get yourself a roll of this spooky tape at Hijinks on the Grassmarket.

4. Electric Lantern

Another way to amplify the level of Halloween in your lighting scheme is to pick up a small electric lantern from Poundsavers on Southbridge. For only £1.50, this small, gothic-looking black lantern could be yours – battery included.

5. Illusion Framed Picture

Aha Ha Ha is a great Halloween destination this time of year. My favourite item for a student on a budget was a classical looking framed portrait of an old woman which, once your perspective changed, rapidly turned to a skeleton. Especially if hung up around not-so-sober people, this simple prop could go a long way in upping the fear-factor in your flat and thus, the hilarity. Head to Grassmarket with only £3.59 to find this Halloween must-have.



[Image: Alexas_Fotos @ Pixabay]

By Emily Hall

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