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Seasonal Shift

ByGrace O'Neal

Apr 14, 2022
Yellow Daffodil

This article was originally submitted on the 12th March

I recently came upon a shocking, horrifying realisation. Perhaps you’re already aware. Perhaps you’re in denial. Regardless, brace yourself for this fact: winter only officially started on December 21st. And even worse, it doesn’t end until March 20th! Does that not just feel absolutely criminal to you?! The majority of the holiday season takes place in autumn! The flowers growing in The Meadows right now are growing in winter! That’s just sinful! The official seasonal timing is, in my opinion, not just misplaced but also entirely unbecoming. Fortunately, I am here to propose a solution that I think we can all come to agree on: we change the calendar year. 

This might sound outrageous to you. Perhaps a bit too drastic or ambitious. I beg to differ, however. I’m well aware that it’s a very bold statement to make, but if you think about it, the natural progression of the seasons is out of human control. What months start when, however, was entirely developed by humans. All we need is about a 20 day shift (the Seasonal Shift, as I propose we call it) so that each season starts on the first of a month (December, March, June, and September). This way, each season gets a respectable and satisfying 3 month window to exist and flourish before moving on to the next.

I truly believe that a calendar shift would contribute to the betterment of society as a whole. Perfection is within our grasp. Why not achieve it?

Image courtesy of Adam Losekoot

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