Shamrock ‘n’ Roll

Music Editor Darragh Murray reviews Dublin’s premier post-punk outfit, Fontaines D.C.

Friday saw Fontaines D.C. takes their rampant guitars to the O2 Academy Edinburgh. Arriving following a two night residence at Glasgow’s Barrowlands, the band continue their UK tour following the success of their sophomore record A Hero’s Death.

While their recent album included more acoustic moments than their debut Dogrel, the band’s live shows remain a highlight reel of their chaotic swirling sound, teeming with chaos. Drummer Tom Coll delivers thumping back beats over which Conor Deagan’s relentless bass is layered. Guitarists Carlos O’Connoll and Conor Curley whip up disorientating rhythm guitar and moody riffs while vocalist Grian Chatten throws his gritty Dublin drone in to the mix.

Prowling like a caged tiger Chatten commands the room, wriggling amongst his clothes and throwing his limbs around as he blares out poetic anthems. With stellar musicianship and sound production, Fontaines D.C recreate the sound of their records immaculately, replicating the wall of sound that their producer Dan Carey builds in his Speedy Wunderground studio.

Amidst the noise, the crowd moved in waves, roaring lyrics and guitar riffs back at the band.

Their live performance justifies their evergrowing presence on the global rock scene, following their recent Grammy nomination.

With a third album already in the works, it won’t be long until the band are back on the road, with another album of post-punk innovation. As Chatten asserts in title track ‘A Hero’s Death’, “don’t get stuck in the past.”

Image of Fontaines D.C. at O2 Edinburgh courtesy of Darragh Murray