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Shops to cater for your cosy autumn needs

ByQuincy Sugiuchi

Oct 2, 2019
wool fashion

To my delight, it is now officially autumn, and we can begin to haul out our collections of all things knitted and cosy. The cold weather brings with it the perfect excuse to go on a bit of a shopping spree in order to transform into the wool-covered monster we all become during autumn. These shops, whether they be Edinburgh based or on the high street, are perfect places to rummage and pick up a jumper, sweatshirt, hat, and any other cosy needs you may have.

Armstrong’s:This Edinburgh-based vintage shop is basically a one-stop-shop for all of your jumper needs. Their walls are lined with cardigans, cashmere, and cable-knits in every colour and fit, all for around £10-£20. If you’re looking for some cool vintage coats, this shop has also got a wonderful selection. And, as we all know by now, shopping vintage is much better for the environment!

Armstrong’s have three locations across Edinburgh in Teviot Place, Grassmarket, and Clerk Street.

Pie in the Sky: This endearingly eccentric shop on Cockburn Street is the perfect place to snag some bold layers to brighten up the winter months. Their yellow, bumblebee adorned corduroy dresses bring in some of that autumnal texture while maintaining a summery pop of colour. If insect-themed clothes aren’t your thing, the store stocks enough plain corduroy to pair with every knitted jumper and wool coat you own. You can even find unique posters and books to add to your home to make it feel as warm and cosy as you’ll be.

Godiva Boutique: If you’re looking to support an entirely local business, then look no further than Godiva Boutique on Grassmarket. This boutique offers both original designs and a selection of vintage finds. Most jumpers and coats are embellished with whimsical appliques and patterns, though these original design items can get pricey. For a cheaper option, venture to the vintage part of the store where equally as wonderful and imaginative jumpers can be found.

Uniqlo: This massive brand boasts an extensive and affordable selection of practical winter wear. If you want undershirts and leggings that will keep you warm, look no farther than their HEATTEACH line – most of which retails for under £15. In terms of outerwear, they’ve got everything from parkas to wool overcoats to puffer vests that are all very reasonably priced. This brand is especially good at creating timeless, simple pieces that can go with anything. So, if you want just a simple, one-colour jumper, this is your place.

It’s also worth mentioning their broad range of accessories that include hats of all styles and materials and fleecy gloves. There’s truly something to keep your whole body warm and snug here.

Everlane: Be warned, this sustainable brand can get pretty pricey depending on what you’re looking for, but it has some hidden gems and an incredible social mission. In terms of jumpers, Everlane’s cotton collection is perfect for the environmentally conscious student who’s also on a budget. They give detailed information of how and where all of their clothing was produced, so you can be certain that you’re purchasing ethically. They also go for around £40 which is a staggeringly low price for a high-quality sustainable product. Their sweatshirt selection also comes with an amazing price tag for trendy fleeces and classic crew cuts. For anyone who prefers athleisure to a more structured look this is a wonderful option.

These shops ensure that your cold autumn/winter season in Edinburgh is much cosier whist also being practical, chic, affordable and in some cases sustainable as well. What’s not to love?

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