• Fri. Apr 12th, 2024

Short Rant: The nuisance of the Bristo skaters

ByLily Tucker

Feb 28, 2024
McEwan Hall on Bristo Square

The skaters in Bristo Square are unfortunately a nuisance. I wish I could be chill, but dodging fully grown men on flimsy planks of wood on my morning rush to lectures has built a certain intolerance. Moreover, they aren’t even that good. If they weren’t falling over all the time I wouldn’t be so scared of their missile-like boards. Plus, here’s the kicker, the infection is spreading. There’s now a team of BMXers taking residence outside the Gordon Aikman. They too aggressively jump, spin and, just like the skaters always seem to fall. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a completed trick.  

I can’t help but take a slightly angry feminist stance against the hobby. Do skaters need to so aggressively take up public space? I feel it is akin to the man spread, with an added risk of injury. Are there any ‘female-coded’ hobbies that attack innocent pedestrians? Is the brazen behaviour of skateboarders another aspect of patriarchal confidence? To prove I’m not just blatantly stereotyping a 2021 survey projected that there are 90,000 under-18 female skaters and 510,000 male skaters (sidenote: big up Sky Brown). It just seems so classically masculine to have performative hobbies that require bystanders to adapt to them – without receiving any criticism.  

In conclusion, can men stop sending their skateboards and bikes flying at me as I make my way to my lectures, it would be much appreciated.

McEwan Hall, Bristo Square, University of Edinburgh” by dun_deagh is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.