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Sick of following trends? Here are some ideas on developing your personal style

When you are always surrounded by new fashion trends, either on social media or just through the people around you, it can be easy to lose your sense of personal style and taste. You can quickly forget how you actually feel about a particular trend, and start thinking that you have to feel a certain way about it just because everyone else does. This constant observation and following of trends can result in feeling like you’ve no longer been dressing like yourself and are just following what everyone else wears. If this sounds like you, there are some great places in Edinburgh and online that are good for rediscovering what you really like to wear, and keeping your style uniquely you!

First of all, the most important thing to remember is that whatever you choose to wear should make you feel comfortable and confident, and you should not be dressing for other people. If this means you enjoy following trends then it does not matter! If, however, you find yourself following other people just for the sake of it, take a moment to think about what trends and styles you do really like, and maybe have a clear-out of your cupboard to get rid of things that you do not wear anymore, or bought thinking you would, at some point, start wearing them.

A good place to look for style inspiration is Instagram, you can find people who are wearing things that you might like, and often they will tag where the piece of clothing is from. This is a good way to find the pieces you want to wear, and ideas of how to wear and style them. Find those who you really identify with in terms of style and check out the stores and brands they tag often. Similarly, Pinterest provides good style inspiration that you can save and use to develop your own look.

In Edinburgh, there are plenty of places to shop where you can find individual pieces that might be more your style. Instead of always resorting to the high street, Armstrong Vintage stores is an obvious example, there is one in Grassmarket, one on Clerk Street, and one on Teviot Place. It is a great shout for vintage clothing that is reasonably priced, and of very good quality. Another option for good vintage clothing is to look out for the regular vintage sales that take place in Teviot. These usually do offers on bundles of clothes which won’t break the bank. Vintage clothing is a good place to look for things that aren’t as mainstream as more current trends, and there is a broader variety of styles, increasing the chance of finding something that really feels like you.

There are also many individual shops in Edinburgh that have a good selection of clothing and jewellery that will suit many individual styles. Wander around town, especially Grassmarket and Princes Street and beyond, for example, Thistle Street. Even going to pricer, designer shops is a good way of looking for things you like because if you spot something that takes your fancy, you can search online for more affordable, similar pieces.

Finding your personal style is difficult and can be confusing, as it can seem like a larger statement on who you are as a person and how you decide to present yourself to the world.  The main thing to remember is that whatever you wear, comfort and confidence are the priority. Always remember to dress for yourself and no one else!


Image: freestocks via pexels 

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