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Six things to do as six

As of last Monday, the Scottish government introduced new guidelines which allow only six individuals from two separate households to meet together, both indoors and outdoors. While this makes it a lot harder for us to see our friends and families, worry not – there are still plenty of fun things you can do as a six that require little effort.

Dinner Parties

No longer simply an event for middle-aged parents and mundane conversation, the dinner party has been reimagined for the millennials among us. No need to stress over a casserole, all types of food bring people together in the most wholesome way.

Pizza nights are a particular favourite. Gather an eclectic mix of toppings and make a group attempt at making your own base if you dare. You can also get experimental by re-creating Edinburgh classics, such as the deep-friend mars bar, or Nigella’s deep-fried bounty bar if you’re feeling brave enough.You can really fry anything when you put your mind to it.

Drink and Draw

Wine, finger foods, and attempts at being the next Bob Ross: this is just one way to get arty with friends. Who doesn’t love a chance to get messy? Whether you choose still life, outdoor sketching, or perhaps even endeavour at painting your fellow amateur artists, what better combination than alcohol and crayola.


Everybody needs some R&R. Maybe it’s been an exhausting week or maybe it’s just fun to do silly facemasks and have your friends paint your nails. Get everyone to bring their own facemasks, light some candles, play some music, maybe even a cheesy film, and simultaneously have some well-deserved you time in the company of others.


There is absolutely no shortage of things you can climb in Edinburgh. Arthur’s Seat is a student classic, both daunting and achievable. A Calton Hill night ascent has some of the most spectacular views of Edinburgh. The whole city and its lights silhouetted by the sea is sensational. Blackford Hill is also an easy but wonderfully fulfilling climb. The Pentland hills are a bit isolated but perfect to just be one with nature. You don’t have to be an avid climber to enjoy a hike with company. Take breaks, make memories but, most importantly, take fabulous pictures with the view to make up for sore joints.


While the sun never does seem to shine in Scotland, when it does we should make the most of it. Pack a nice picnic or pick up some delicious takeaway from local restaurants, cafes, pubs and businesses to munch on in places like The Meadows, Princes Street Gardens, or the base of the Castle.

Museums and galleries

We are privileged indeed to have free access to museums and galleries. The National Museum and The Scottish Portrait Gallery are right at our fingertips, simply book a time slot, grab your mask and enjoy the art, architecture and the culture that’s all around you.

Illustration: Frannie Wise