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SMS 1.1 – Toast

ByRoss Devlin

Nov 12, 2015


Welcome to the new Student Mixtapes Series, curated by the writers and editors of the Music Section. Here’s how it works: every week, someone (it could literally (literally) be anyone) will use their own personal alchemy to conjure up a playlist of flawed perfection, shmaltzy pop hits, cinematic wonders, or just plain aural brilliance. The theme changes at the whim of the mix maestro, the only constant is we maintain a keen eye on the future of music, while having a damn good time reveling in past successes, failures, and nuggets of nostalgia. Stream the entire jaunt below, and follow through to Mixcloud for the tracklist.

I’m more about beer than champagne, so it’s not often I find myself “raising a glass” – unless I’m trying to squeeze between two people. Whether you’re giving the head nod to the sun for peaking out from behind clouds for just ten minutes so you can make it to your lecture, or kissing your course organizer’s shoes for letting it slide that your electronic essay copy was five minutes past the deadline, there are many victory songs within this tape that will augment a toast to any occasion. Your ex caves and messages you first? Drake. Made it to the final round of Loud Poets? A little Daveed Diggs will aid your celebration. Ryan Hemsworth came back to Sneaky Pete’s on his birthday again, and he brought the cast of Sesame Street? Request the latest from Ricky Eat Acid, or its reserved counterpoint in “Sugar Pill.” What are you waiting for? Throw on some pre-ripped jeans and drop some pre-sliced bread in the toaster with Liz Harris’ fantastic pop project, Helen.

SMS1.1 – Toast by Thestudentmusic on Mixcloud

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