Soccer Mommy asserts herself with ‘lucy’

Those familiar with Soccer Mommy may instinctively assume a song titled ‘lucy’ to be a self-deprecating song about a love-rival, brimming with jealousy and an unwilling admiration for the titular character, yet, it is a journey of tackling one’s own inner-demons, personified within a meeting with Lucifer.

The demonic suggestions of the lyrics are not shied away from instrumentally as a brooding, but strangely alluring atmosphere is procured by threatening attacks of reverb-dipped electric guitar lines and an acoustic that sits patiently below more assertively present instruments hinting at a potential unrestraint of itself. This release is never realised, yet continues to taunt the listener, just as lucy keeps taunting the artist, herself. The melancholy but optimistic vibes established so fully-formed within Clean are not gone, but simply varnished over with the veil of darkness pertinent to adulthood. ‘lucy’ may lack the addictive hooks and undeniable charm of ‘Your Dog’ or ‘Still Clean’ but growth doesn’t necessarily see Soccer Mommy abandon the tangible markers of her sound, rather it provides an opportunity to escape the trap of being a ‘young and naïve’ teenager with little more to offer than ruminations on inconsequential romances: she can write about what she wishes to. 

Image: Natalia Mantini via Rolling Stone


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