• Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Societies encounter issues with EUSA room bookings

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The Student has investigated issues that student groups and societies have had when booking rooms through Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA). 

In EUSA’s Terms and Conditions on room bookings for societies and events, it is mentioned that all student groups have the right to book rooms for free, further stating that: 

“If EUSA wish to cancel a room booking within 28 days of the booked date… EUSA will endeavour to find a suitable alternative room for that student group at the same time and date.”

A spokesperson for one University of Edinburgh society said that they found the booking process to be complicated. 

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They shared that there have been several occasions on which EUSA spent weeks trying to allocate the society a room for an event. 

This could be due to “ICT issues and the odd double booking”, as pointed out by one society member.

As EUSA collaborates with the University of Edinburgh to ensure events can be held across a variety of buildings, the university’s Timetabling team is often involved in the booking process as well.

A society spokesperson added that this might lead to many booking enquiries getting lost, as the Timetabling team already has its other responsibilities to take care of.

Their society had to reschedule a speaker event as they did not receive a response after repeatedly submitting a booking form. 

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They recommended that student societies should try to complete the form “at least a month in advance” to secure a space for an event. 

Katie Hardwick, Vice President of Activities and Services, commented to The Student:

 “We have not received any complaints about cancellations, or issues with bookings in our spaces.”

EUSA was also able to accommodate all 1,798 block bookings from last semester, not cancelling any of the requests.

Hardwick did agree that although the room bookings system was working well in their view, there are some room availability issues due to the Chaplaincy ceiling leak. 

She also acknowledged the issues with the university’s Timetabling system, and their support of student societies. 

Hardwick urged any students who are facing issues with the booking system to get in touch with her directly. 

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