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Some of Ed Miliband’s funniest GE17 tweets

ByKatharine Cook

Jun 9, 2017

The 2015 General Election campaign was an emotional rollercoaster. With its hilarious memes, its peculiar campaigning props and its unexpected tory majority – it’s one to remember. However it was also the downfall of everyone’s favourite bacon buttie buddy Ed, as he stepped down from the helm of the Labour Party.

But it seems that this setback has given Miliband the spare time necessary to throw out some absolutely fire tweets into the twitter sphere.

See The Student’s favourite’s below.


Cheeky throwback to that interview


When he was just done.


When Ed, not unlike the rest of us, was simply fed up with Piers’ bullshit.


When he collaborated with everyone’s favourite musical genius.


When he was not at all bitter, not even a little bit.


Never change Ed, never change.



image: Arbeiderpartiet via Flickr

By Katharine Cook

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