Songs of the Summer 2017: Arcade Fire, ‘Everything Now’

This summer has been complete turmoil: the brand new trend to match the unmatchable has taken over big ‘n’ small names in the music industry, and Arcade Fire are no exception.

Titled Everything Now, their recently released album is described as the brainchild of a rather badassed combination of house, indie pop and art rock. All the rays of glory have gone to the lead song ‘Everything Now’: the sparkliest disco ball of the show. Following the lyrics, the band makes a surprisingly optimistic anthem for the abundance and extra fullness of life – an upcoming issue of modernity.

Despite the ostensibly deep premise, however, the passionate piano part and the vocals make the melody itself light and catchy. The song is giving out fiery disco vibes to which a bunch of “cool kids stuck in the past” slay their purple glittery shadows and neck cheap wine in a tiny, well-decorated flat. Final thoughts: it’s worth a whirl on a record player.

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