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South Side Story

ByHollie Swale

Feb 3, 2015
courtesy of the bbc

From BBC3 comes the latest structured reality TV show South Side Story. Although intended to reflect the real lives of aspiring musicians, dancers and DJs in south London, the only thing real about the show is the shocking reality of how awful it is.

I’m not sure why anyone thought merging a reality TV show with musical pop numbers would work, but the 30 minutes of footage proved exactly why it does not.

My flatmates and I exchanged a look of horror as a scene filmed at the gym resulted in one cast member bursting into a rendition of ‘Sexy and I Know It’ accompanied with twerking and a naked man.

For the sheer comedy value of how ludicrous this show is I give it one star, but I dare not endure another episode as the cringe-worthiness is off the scale.

I can only ask…what on earth happened here, BBC3?

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