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Spring, Sun, and Suspicious Pancakes

ByMeredith Bailey

Feb 12, 2020

Two seasons, both alike in dignity, in fair Edi where we lay our scene
From ancient civility pursue new harmony
Where the presence of the sun leads one to spring clean
From forth the tilted axis of the Earth, two friends
A pair of year-cross’d seasons move in and out of phase;
Whole months, separated by the motion of the sun
Do with their time show our star’s bright rays.
Earth’s reckoning? Winter’s days are done.
Move aside ye mist, snow and drizzle
Say farewell to dreich days, wipe that frozen tear.
Springtime is here ‘til summer starts to sizzle.

Okay, so it’s no Romeo & Juliet but I’m sure Bill Shakespeare, in his time, would have wielded his quill and written a sonnet about Edinburgh springtime. Spring like any other season arrives awakening a myriad sense.

First, the colours set the scene…

Now’s the time for rejuvenation
The season’s time for growth, creation.
You can’t ignore it, it’s in your face;
The prophecy of spring from birds that chase
Each other as they caw and sing
Whilst gifts of blossom are present, blooming.
The meadows, once an experiment of green,
Dirty brown and naked trees
Emerges in a flush, now reigns a Queen.
Her coronation commences in full swing
Parading jawbone walk and all others in between.

Then, the score of sounds…

Hear the shuddering of the KB shuttle
And the pure commotion of a playlist shuffle.
Expect the promise of fresh energy
Charge you up like a dying machine.
Cuckoos cuckoo with playful ease
As the nests fill up with our long-lost leaves.
The glee of singing ever calling
Of birds swooping in and out of cawing
Their tiny chicks, a distant chirp
Away, furrowed in nests, ears pricked, alert.
A chorus of laughter echoes all around
With happiness bursting; a monumental sound.

The whimsical scents now flood the air…

Battering winds no longer feud
With the flora and fauna; they’ve changed their mood.
The wafting of sweetness: a welcome surprise
And pollen drifting on the air then lies
Around. At once the April showers arrive
Keeping you on your toes, a live
Show of drama, a tragedy written,
As we remember it rains Britain.
In this era of fact or fake
Take a pew, make a brew, whip up a pancake!
Whether it be fluffy, scotch or a crispy crêpe
Be bold, be daring, take the first step.

Lastly, but not least, the true feeling of springtime rushes over like a wave…

The 9am darkness, tis a thing of the past.
Knowing that the longer days will last
With their warmth and golden hours
Lighting up fair Appleton tower.
Take the time to find your feet
Again, climbing up Arthur’s seat.
The view of the castle and Royal Mile
Plaster themselves as a hopeful smile.
Our city’s veins are full of delight,
Their places and faces, a joyful sight.
After reading this poem, how can you resist?
The wonders of springtime in Auld Reekie, pure bliss.


Image: Rebecca Sheerin