Stuck in love? Check out these fun Valentine’s Day ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have someone to spoil this Valentine’s Day, why not go all out? Flowers don’t last forever and let’s face it, chocolates disappear before you can say ‘be mine’. So, read on for some unique ways to make a memorable day.

Botanical Gardens

Take advantage of one of Edinburgh’s many attractions and visit the Royal Botanical Gardens – just a bus ride away and a stunning setting to spend a day wandering around arm-in-arm amongst beautiful scenery. If it gets chilly, there is always the steamy glass houses which are the perfect place to snap that couple’s Instagram pic. You guys are adorable.

Café voucher

Load up a gift voucher to your Valentine’s favourite café for a present they will really appreciate. Lots of cafés have this option and this way, they’ll think lovingly of you as they get their caffeine fix. Besides, it’s also a great way to set up lots of cost coffee dates. It’s a win-win.

Modern-day mixtape

There is nothing you can say that can’t be sung. For a contemporary twist on an age-old classic, let the music do the talking. Create a playlist of meaningful dedicated to your loved one, then use it as the score to your cinematic, romantic date. It’s not quite as tangible as a good, old-fashioned tape, but then again, if your partner has a cassette-player rather than a Spotify account, it might be time to go back to the basics.

Portobello Beach

Ignoring the fact that it is February and freezing, the beach is an ideal spot for a romantic date. Wrap up warm, cling to your partner and take a walk along the seaside for a classic movie-style date. Portobello isn’t exactly a Caribbean island, but you might be lucky enough to catch a pretty Edinburgh sunset.

This would be a lovely and budget-friendly way of just spending time together, talking about anything and everything. Also, a great excuse for a post-walk hot chocolate.

Open this when… 

For a heartfelt gift with a DIY touch, get some colourful pieces of card and write sweet messages on each of them. Then, pop them in envelopes with instructions on when they should be read. A couple of examples could be “Open this when you’re feeling sad” or “missing me” or “needing a laugh” etc. This is a really simple way of creating long-lasting and personal gifts to show that you are always there for your partner when they need you.

Personal poetry

Give the gift of literature a distinctive twist. Find a collection of love poems or sonnets, and read it through while also annotating it. Make notes in the margins whenever something reminds you of your loved one or even just simple messages on the page. It’s like giving your significant other a piece of you, allowing them to see through eyes how you think of them.

Hopefully, one of these ideas will make you feel proud and excited to be loved up this February. So, don’t hold back and stick it to all those singletons out there.


Illustration: Amy Steele

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