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Student Budget Refuels: George Square

ByJoshua Swain

Feb 29, 2016

So you have an hour to spare and fancy something to eat or drink? Somehow you always end up with a plate of Teviot nachos or a coffee from one of those grilled cheese huts? Want something different? Here are a selection of places to try out around and about George Square.


Let’s start with coffee. Only a few minutes’ walk from George Square, BREW LAB is a speciality coffee house offering the whole coffee spectrum from cold brew to cappuccino. Decorated like a gentrified illegal rave venue, it certainly follows the trend of alternative coffee havens springing up in cities all over the world.


Yet, despite the abundance of bare brick and concrete, the warm lighting and friendly staff make for a cosy cafe. The price of a coffee ranges from £2-3. A good deal for an expertly made brew.


PRESS COFFEE on Buccleuch Place also provides artisan coffee, but with the addition of comforting, wholesome food. For less than £5, you get a large plate of scrambled eggs on toast and for an extra £2.30, a coffee too. The brasserie-inspired interior with uplifting yellow walls, white marble topped tables and retro light fittings are of timeless class. A good place to take your university work or peruse the day’s newspapers.


If you prefer some spice, head to TING THAI CARAVAN, the understated popular street food restaurant. Take a chance and try Khao Mun Gai Tod. In other words, ginger, garlic, chilli and coconut fried chicken with jasmine rice (£6.10.) This will instantly satisfy your hunger. Caravan is the real deal and oozes quality for a student-suitable price. Watch out though, this one’s cash only!


Perhaps you have finished your last lecture of the day and fancy a cake. Swedish bakery PETER’S YARD is the answer to your craving. The light and airy minimalist design with a faint waft of cinnamon on arrival signifies the Scandinavian origins. Give the parsnip cake a go for £3.50. What?! I hear you ask. Yes, this choice may seem risky, but it pays off the moment you bite into the grapefruit infused sponge complemented by a creamy icing. Although a little pricier than local rivals, Peter’s Yard is perfect for trying something new and indulging.


[Image: Flickr @ Lawrence OP]




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