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Student Council Roundup

ByIlinca Barsan

Sep 30, 2014
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Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) hosted the first student council of the year last Thursday (September 25) in Teviot.

On the agenda were the sabbatical officers’ first accountability sessions, an update on EUSA’s strategic plan, a motion to update the safe space policy and an expenditure request for funding a bus to an anti-fees demo in London.

EUSA President Briana Pegado gave the council an overview of her work into student transport and an Edinburgh students art festival.

Pegado said: “We are really working on being more engaged, and involved, giving people a better sense of what the union does.”

Vice President Societies and Activities Eve Livingston said: “Some of the issues I picked up on during my campaign are maybe not exactly where the issues are. I’ve reevaluated; mental health is still a priority, but I want to adapt a whole system approach.”

Vice President Academic Affairs Dash Sekhar introduced the future interdisciplinary Centre for Gender Studies, while Vice President Services Tasha Boardman filled the council in on ethical investment and year abroad support.

Regarding EUSA’s strategic plan, Pegado said: “Right now we are in the development stage. We plan to have our plan written by December 2014.”

Pegado stressed that one main focus will be on improving the academic experience.

The student council passed a motion to update the safe space policy to include a procedure for violations of safe space.

Meanwhile, the council voted against a motion to support the national demo against fees and cuts by subsiding a bus to London with £900.

On this motion, only elected representatives could vote. Only six elected representatives voted in favour of the motion.


By Ilinca Barsan

Ilinca Barsan is a 4th year Sociology and Politics student. Formerly News Editor for The Student, she is now Editor-in-Chief. Ilinca also has a passion for smoked salmon, vintage shopping, all things digital, and puns beyond good and evil.

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