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Student friendly hair salons in Edinburgh

ByHannah Wallis

Oct 11, 2017

Chop chop, time for a haircut. They say ‘Hair is the crown you never take off’ and we all know that waking up to a good hair day makes you feel great. Sadly, with a student budget, hair care isn’t always everyone’s first priority but, fear not, we have researched the best salons in Edinburgh for students, so your next chop doesn’t have to be a blow out.

Charles Kivlin Hair on Albany Street offers 40 per cent off on cut and colour services (Monday to Friday, January to November) for students. With very reasonable starter prices, including the option for a wet-cut, this New Town salon could be the answer to your hair prayers. You can also get 50 per cent off stand-by appointments if you’re not in a hurry.

Cheynes describes itself as “Edinburgh’s Original Student Salon”, offering an “all day 30 per cent student discount” at their newly re-vamped Salon on Lothian Road (excluding February and December). If Lothian Road is not a convenient location, you can still get 30 per cent off at their other salons, provided it is your first visit.

Charlie Miller has an excellent reputation, but if you thought that their prices would be a cut above a student’s budget, think again. They offer a generous 30 per cent discount (Monday to Thursday, excluding December and February) meaning a ladies’ cut comes in at under £30. Their salons can be found in Bruntsfield and New Town.

Medusa offers a 25 per cent discount from Monday to Friday. Additionally, you’ll get 30 per cent off on your second visit or 50 per cent off if you recommend the salon to a friend. If you go on a Tuesday, you’ll receive 50 per cent off colouring, making this the perfect way to brighten up your week. You can even nip in between classes as they have a salon located on Teviot Place.

The founders of March Hair have been transforming students for black tie events for 25 years. This friendly little salon at the bottom of Marchmont Road offers a 10 per cent student discount, and you’ll be supporting local business too. Finally, if you’re feeling especially tight for cash, check if the salon is looking for models. You can usually get your hair cut and coloured by a trainee, under expert supervision for a fraction of the cost.



image: Jo Johnstone via Piaxabay

By Hannah Wallis

Hannah edits the TV & Radio section of The Student having previously written for lifestyle.

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