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Students studying in Egypt required to leave country

ByFrankie Salvini

Oct 12, 2019

University of Edinburgh students studying in Egypt have been required to leave the country following an incident concerning the detainment of two third year students in Cairo.

Whilst both students have been subsequently released by Egyptian authorities, the incident caused concerns for safety of students resulting in the university requiring students to leave the country.

A spokesman for the University of Edinburgh told The Student: “Two of our students in Egypt were recently detained and subsequently released by the Egyptian authorities in Cairo.

The University is obviously very concerned when it hears of incidents such as this, particularly when they involve our own students.

We have a responsibility to act in the best interests of our students and to take decisive action when there are concerns for their safety and wellbeing.”

Whilst earlier reports suggested several students were in the process of leaving the country, the spokesman stated as of Friday that, “all students have now left Egypt.”

The spokesman also confirmed that the university was “working closely with the students to minimise the impact of any disruption to their studies and to provide alternative placements.”

Nine students in total were studying in Egypt at this point in the academic semester at both The American University of Cairo and the International Language Institute, Cairo (ILI) undertaking different (both single and joint honours) Arabic degree programmes.

Image: LWYang via Flickr

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