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Students to travel for free on the 41 bus to Kings’ Building

BySafia Munro

Feb 28, 2017
Paul Robertson

In response to Student feedback, the University of Edinburgh will be partnering with Lothian Buses and Transport for Edinburgh in order to provide a month long free public transport trial between King’s Buildings and the Central Area.

From Monday 13 March until Friday 7 April 2017, University of Edinburgh staff and students will be able to use Service 41 free of charge.

The proposal has been put into action after concerns regarding the cost of using public bus services to commute to King’s Buildings, and fears that the existing shuttle bus service is not adequately accommodating all passengers.

Students’ Association President, Alec Edgecliffe-Johnson stated that he hopes the new initiative will ‘relieve some of the pressure on the shuttle bus, reducing the stress of travel and number of students missing valuable contact time.’

The pilot scheme also aims to make special arrangements to accommodate students who have an urgent requirement to travel between the two campuses.

Through online application, the University will be issuing Priority Permits to students who due to academic timetabling reasons rely heavily on the shuttle bus program. The program’s longevity will be contingent on the post-trial feedback which will be accessed on through the University’s website.

Thus, Edgecliffe-Johnson urged students to ‘make sure they feedback at the end of the trial to help ensure more permanent improvements to this service for the next academic year.’ If the student response is positive the university is hoping to introduce a more long-term resolution to transport issues between campuses for the academic year 2017-2018.

Image credit: Paul Robertson

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