Sturgeon urges students to ‘stick with the restrictions’ as global deaths pass one million

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon today urged students across Scotland to follow new measures, saying that new measures implemented in the West of Scotland have ‘blunted the rise in infections’. Her announcement came as the City of Edinburgh confirmed it had received 448 new cases in the week ending the 27th September. Per 100,000 people, 85 people have been infected, more than twice the Scottish average in the same time period. With total cases set to reach 3000 next week, both the Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Labour have criticised the devolved administration’s handling of the outbreaks and the resumption of university teaching. But the SNP have pointed at similar outbreaks at universities in England and Wales, with the Scottish government today releasing details of organisations offering mental health support to students either studying at home or self-isolating.

Worldwide, over 1 million Coronavirus deaths have been reported, according to John Hopkins University, with the United States, Brazil and India constituting approximately 450,000 deaths between them. Per capita, Peru, Belgium and Bolivia remain the worst affected, with the United Kingdom ranked 7th, with around 42,000 people having died of Covid-19 – over 2500 in Scotland.

Image credit: Scottish Government via Flickr