Summer 2023 Vibe Report

Welcome to the my official Summer 2023 Vibe Report. Keep reading to figure out what I think are going to be the best vibes of the coming summer.

Vibe 1
Not charging your phone
Become unreachable. Walk to your friends’ flats and ask them what they’re up to. Talk face to face. Let your phone die, it won’t be the end of the world. Don’t spend the summer in front of a screen. Mark Zuckerberg has quietly buried the metaverse, so take that as a sign to get out into the real world. Live out your pre-internet dreams (talking to your friends while not also scrolling on Instagram) and get completely lost in a crowd of strangers.

Vibe 2
Showing some skin
Sheer is super in for women right now, but the skin-baring trend is not only for the girls— guys are encouraged get in on the action this summer. The O’Neill’s GAA shorts (made popular by Paul Mescal a few summers ago) are a great length— meaning they’re very short. Off the shoulder and backless tops have both been womenswear trends for a month or so now, and I think they’ll reach peak trendiness this summer, when you don’t have to cover up the standout feature.

Vibe 3
Eating dinner together
The endless late afternoons that blur into evenings are such a special part of each summer, and it’s time we start making better use of them. Beautiful moments are meant to be enjoyed with good company, and I think there’s no better way than throwing casual dinner parties often and with vigour. These get-togethers don’t have to be a massive affair, but getting together to enjoy each others’ presence, having some food and casual drinking is a massive vibe. Order some pizzas, get a couple bottles of wine, make a playlist, and light a candle. It’s that easy to create some summertime magic. Major bonus vibe points for eating this dinner with friends outside. Yeah it’s going to be a little sticky and sweaty, and yes you’ll have to deal with the odd mosquito, but those are the things that make summer great.

Vibe 4
A summer of baggy low-rise trousers means actively working to keep them from falling down all the time. Which is where the belts come in. Aside from being a practical wardrobe staple, they make fun additions to boring outfits. Most vintage stores have a section of cool old leather belts, where you’ll have to make the painful choice between two near-identical huge old belt buckles. If you’re looking for something different and completely impractical, concho-style belts (popular in the mid-2000s) are pretty easy to find online, and look cool layered over dresses and skirts. Or your trousers, but beware there’s no way they’re fitting in your belt loops.

Vibe 6
Taking care of your skin
Melanoma is NOT the vibe, and we shouldn’t be sacrificing our health for the sake of being the tannest we’ve ever been. Put on your SPF, you are not an exception to the rule. Run down to Boots and grab anything SPF 30 or higher for your face and body; your future self will thank you.

Vibe 7
Going on walks
Going on aimless walks, not just walking to and from your destination (although that is a vibe in and of itself), are . We should all have a wandering summer. We live in Scotland. The winters are rough. Take advantage of every second of warm summer sun and get your feet in gear! There’s so much beautiful nature accessible by the buses as well if you don’t want to walk around Arthur’s Seat for the 90th time. Put on a podcast or grab a friend, and start wandering: hot girl wanders lead to a hot girl summer. This vibe segues perfectly to our next vibe which is:

Vibe 8
Practical shoes
The shoes of 2022 were… exceedingly flat. Adidas Sambas, ballet flats, penny loafers are all vibes, but all not super supportive. Let’s make this be a summer of arch support. New Balance is a supremely practical sneaker brand, with tons of cool styles. They’re pretty timeless, so you can feel confident investing in a new pair, and there’s also a slew available online from second hand sites like Depop, Vinted, and eBay. A pair of worn in dad shoes are the best festival sneaker—you’re already going to be standing for 16 hours a day and camping in a soggy field, why not try to make it as comfortable as you can?

Vibe 9
Shortening the supply chain
In the social media age, it’s easier than ever to find really cool clothing/accessories/homeware made by small independent brands or even just one person. Knowing who made your garments and where exactly they came from is a much more conscious way to consume than buying from faceless companies. Some of my current favourites are: Good Squish’s (@goodsquish on Instagram) deliciously large scrunchies, EMRLD (@e.m.r.l.d on Instagram) makes great partywear out of deadstock fabrics, and Lily Anna Armstrong’s (@lilyannaarmstrongart) gorgeously quirked up traditional blue and white ceramics.

Vibe 10
Music from 2016
The final vibe for this summer is… mid 2010s pop music? Yes. Something about all the music released in 2016 is the best summer vibe of all time. There are the obvious banger albums like Lemonade, Anti, Colouring Book, and Blonde, and of course we have to mention One Dance and Starboy. Dev Hynes, a.k.a. Blood Orange, released the incredible and deeply personal Jazz/Funk/R&B album Freetown Sound in the summer of 2016, and it is the perfect summer afternoon soundtrack. Techno-pop was at its peak over 2016-17, and I think it’s high time for another Calvin Harris summer. There’s too much good music from this year to even name. So, get your Major Lazer and Dangerous Woman on this summer, and stream A Seat at the Table at all your dinner parties.

There’s a pretty clear theme this summer. Take care of your mind, your body, and the planet. Focus less on consuming, and more on experiencing. You’ll look back on summer 2023 and think about what you did and who you did it with, not what you wore or what trend you should’ve participated in.

Summer into autumn” by blmiers2 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.