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Sunday Scaries and Reset

ByIsabelle Brower

Oct 21, 2022
woman with towel wrapped round head and in striped dressing gown sits at her desk as she studies

Sunday, known as the day of rest, can easily become a day of dread. I find that Sundays can go one of two ways; you are either horribly hungover, you don’t get out of bed until 2.00pm, realise all the work you didn’t do, and your hangxiety causes an existential crisis. You are left wondering whether you chose the right course at uni and whether your life has any meaning. Or you have this existential dread on Saturday, and so, you use Sunday as a reset day, to try and get your life back on track, getting everything cleaned and prepped for a new week. I’m going to share my Sunday routine and hopefully give you some advice on how to combat the Sunday Scaries.

I’ve found that taking Saturday off as a reset day works a lot better for me because Sunday feels as though it should be the start of the week, and you realise you still have one day of the weekend left which brings a sigh of relief and a smile to your face. I’m a strong believer in not waking up before 11.00 am on the weekend and I will then set the afternoon aside to go to the library and spend some solid, concentrated time on work. I think it’s always a better idea to go with friends as you can take breaks and chat, so the day doesn’t feel completely isolated to work.

I can concentrate the best in the library as the heavy silence puts pressure on me to work and hearing the clicking of other people’s keyboards motivates me to be doing the same. The library is also the warmest place in Edinburgh and therefore the best place to warm up on a cold windy day. Make sure to bring your own coffee and food for fuel and you can eat together outside on a sunny day or otherwise in the café for your breaks. I know a lot of people enjoy working in cafes, but I would simply just end up chatting to my friends or people watching (although busy, the library is so quiet that people are more likely to notice the weirdo staring at their cool outfit than in a bustling café).

Even though this is a study day, remember to not stay at the library until too late, as it’s still important to have a relaxing Sunday evening to prepare for the week ahead. Try to leave the library no later than 5.30 p.m. and make yourself a cosy dinner. Sundays after the library are when I do my weekly shop, so I tend to have an abundance of choice, making my favourite dish from my meal plan of the week. Then I’ll tidy my room, shower early in the evening, and settle in bed with Netflix. I don’t have to move until I need to go and brush my teeth (the most annoying chore of the day). I find Sundays like these the most de-stressing because you’ve gotten work done for the following week but still have time for a reset evening. I hope my Sunday reset plan helps you avoid an end of week panic and that familiar feeling of existential dread. Maybe try some changes in your routine to make Sunday work for you!

Photo credit: “Dámasa – studying” by Abizern is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.