Watching innocent, injured animals on screen guarantees a heart-wrenching watch. While Channel 4’s  The Supervet does have its fair share of upsetting scenes, it is enjoyable and inspiring, reminding viewers of the truth behind the saying ‘man’s best friend’.

The programme follows ‘Supervet’, Noel Fitzpatrick’s struggle to heal three beloved pets with complicated medical problems. Fitzpatrick lives up to his title, succeeding in reattaching a cat’s separated jaw. If the thought of watching open surgery makes you squirm, I suggest giving this one a miss.

Supervets real charm lies in the close relationship between interviewee Chris and his dog, Spud. Spud is more than just a dog to Chris; he saved him from a life of alcoholism. The pressure is on for the ‘Supervet’ to work his magic and save Chris’ best friend. Overall, the show highlights how we depend on animals just as much as they depend on us.

Image: Kelly Hunter

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