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Survey on housing launched to students

ByIone Gildroy

Nov 15, 2022
An image of Edinburgh from Arthur's Seat

Slurp: Students for Action on Homelessness has launched a survey to students.

The survey aims to collect information regarding student housing insecurity in order to better understand the extent of the Student Housing Crisis and the quality of the support provided by universities in Edinburgh.

The survey is open to all students in Edinburgh, regardless of which university they attend.

Slurp has been surveying students online and in person for the last two weeks.

They have received over 650 responses.

Slurp told The Student that students have been willing and pleased to take part even if they haven’t been personally affected by the housing crisis.

Many of those who have been affected were keen to share more details of their situation, with many students voluntarily leaving testimonies on their personal experiences.

Lawrence Williams, Slurp Co-President and a third year Politics student, told The Student: “​​Many students are acutely aware of Edinburgh’s housing crisis and are likely to have been impacted through housing insecurity, unaffordable rent, or accommodating unhoused friends. 

“Other than anecdotal evidence, little is known about the extent of the problem which makes it difficult to demand greater support from universities or the government. The aim of the survey is therefore to produce data and testimonies that uncover the extent of Edinburgh’s student housing crisis.

“The crisis is not restricted to Edinburgh or to students, but as a student society Slurp is well placed to focus on students and what can be done to help them.”

The survey will close on Thursday.

Slurp is a student-run organisation which aims to engage with and support those affected by homelessness and the housing crisis.

The organisation serves around 150 hot meals a month at three different housing support locations.

Slurp also campaigns for action on homelessness within the university population and in the wider Edinburgh community.

The organisation runs fundraisers and outreach projects to raise funds for and awareness of housing insecurity and the housing crisis.

To complete the survey, click here.

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By Ione Gildroy

Former Deputy Editor-in-Chief Former News Editor