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Survival of the fattest: how to live in a world without The Great British Bake Off

ByHeather McComb

Nov 8, 2016

The unimaginable has happened. The Great British Bake Off is over and people are in despair. I for one haven’t been this distraught since *spoiler alert* Sybil died on Downton Abbey. But fear not, for here are some ways to ease our grief inspired by this year’s contestants (without gaining nine pounds of cake in the process).

Candice: Change your look. Whether this means trying a new lipstick shade, wearing your hair differently or treating yourself to a new pair of sassy shoes, Candice’s quirky and trendy looks have shown us how appearance can help your confidence. Go vampy with a dark lip colour, just as Candice did for her first week.

Andrew: As an aerospace engineer, Andrew is very dedicated to his work, as reflected in his meticulous cooking style and those incredible cog-shaped pies. Follow his example and throw yourself into your university work – you know your lecturers will appreciate it!

Jane: Take up a new hobby! Jane is an avid gardener as well as a fabulous baker, and developing a new interest is a great way of passing the time and distracting yourself by learning something new.

Rav: Flavour your food with lime and coconut. There are no tastes that compare, and if we’re honest, nothing is as comforting as food.

Val: Start a fitness regime! Whether you hit Pleasance every morning, or do a dance routine whilst cooking dinner, there’s no better way to put a smile on your face than to get moving. And this is all according to everyone’s favourite adopted Grandma!

Selasi: Throw a huge party with loads of pizza, champagne and homemade goodies and just have a cracking time with your friends. Alternatively take a trip somewhere, such as Brussels, where you can spend the entire time drinking beer, eating chocolate and relaxing – we all know Selasi enjoys all the good things in life.

If it’s the contestants you’re missing more than the outstanding bakes and banter, follow them on Instagram; I recommend Selasi for a bit of cheeky fun, or Andrew for adorable family moments. However, for those of you who simply can’t find a way to fill the Mary Berry-shaped hole in your life, just remember that our favourites will be back for the GBBO Christmas Special. That’s only a month or so of gloom and emptiness, before the world of soggy bottoms, beautiful layers and informal appearances returns.


[Image: HomeMaker @ Pixabay]

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