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Surviving Christmas exams

ByKatarina Slater

Nov 26, 2017

The dreaded exam season is approaching. As the caffeine addiction starts again and the library is full 24/7, you begin to question why it was you continued with further education. Stress is looming and I am here to offer some advice.

BBC One’s advice to students for getting through the exam period is to exercise. How wrong they are. What is really needed, without a doubt, is food to use as motivation and fuel for your brain. My advice would be that whenever you are on the verge of crying, treat yourself to a big slice of cake. When you find yourself ending up with your head on your desk nearly falling asleep, that might be the time to take a break and have a Kit Kat.

What lecturers and websites don’t tell you, is that the best cure for exam stress is a night out. One night to forget about equations and theories no matter how much you might regret this the day after when you have forgotten all of your exam knowledge in the long term. For revision breaks, the worst option is to wallow in your room, looking at Snapchat stories to see what fun other people are having.

Instead, wallow whilst catching up on I’m a Celebrity, and planning what reality TV show you should enter to rake in the cash.

Procrastination starts during this season, it is the main source of social media stalking. Those likes on someone’s photo on Instagram from 5 years ago start rolling in and you wish you didn’t exist. However much I can’t help to retrieve those mistaken likes, I might suggest how to procrastinate in a different way, perhaps by talking to actual people.  

During revision, everyone misses real-life social interaction. The best kind of procrastination I can suggest is talking to people and having a rant about revision; the daily routine for those in their honour years. Although you only get 4 hours sleep per night and only feel the breath of fresh air on your way to and from the library, you know it’ll all be worth it when you remember what the concept of having fun is like. Never fear, it won’t be long until you can do absolutely nothing whilst watching Christmas films without feeling any guilt whatsoever.

image: Rudolf Vlček via flickr

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