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Surviving Edinburgh: An American’s Guide

ByLeda Olia

Nov 3, 2015

Join EUNAS and get your Thanksgiving on
It is easy to forget that Thanksgiving is a holiday unique to North Americans until you leave the country. But even when you are thousands of miles from home, this turkey-filled celebration takes up a large space in every American’s heart. The Edinburgh University North American Society fills this void with an extravagant ball each year that will have you wishing every Thanksgiving dinner included table service, the chance to dress up in a sparkly gown, and a dance playlist that’s reminiscent of prom.

Embrace your accent
Trying to put on a fake Scottish or English accent not only takes a lot of effort, but everyone can see right through you. While it’s important to adopt some of those funny British words such as “lift” instead of “elevator” or “trousers” instead of “pants,” you should always stay true to yourself. Not only can your British friends teach you a thing or two about how they say things around here, but you can open their eyes to a whole new vocabulary. And chances are, that guy down the hall will think your American accent, and the slang that goes along with it, is cute!

Cook like an American
They say there is “no such thing as American food”, but that statement could not be more wrong! While a lot of dishes did not necessarily originate in America, there are a few classics out there that scream “freedom” as much as our beloved stars and stripes. Impress your flatmates with homemade apple pie, a killer hamburger, or the fluffiest pancakes they have ever tasted. And trust me, nothing can compare to chewy, gooey, tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. And they thought Bake-Off was good…

Cheer for your favorite team across the pond
You can only watch so much rugby before you start yearning to see players passing the ball forwards instead of backwards. Throw on your favorite jersey, grab some of your rugby-loving friends, and head to a sports bar to give your mates a proper education in American football. Just make sure they are wearing your home team’s colors. Sportsters Bar by the Royal Mile will usually play a few NFL games during the season so you can catch a little bit of the rough and tumble of football whilst scarfing down some spicy nachos. Who knows? You might even make some new American friends who root for the same team as you!

Remember: Skype and FaceTime are your best friends
Like any student studying far away from home, you are going to feel homesick in a way that even a Thanksgiving ball and a little bit of Sunday night football isn’t going be able to cure. Even if you are a veteran ex-pat, you have to accept that when the going gets tough, nothing beats a call to your parents or a bestie from home. You might need to talk to your family more than your Scottish or English flatmates, but that’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s always nice to see a familiar face or hear a familiar accent when you’re on the other side of the world!

Image Credit: Wikicommons: xlibber

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