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Symphonic Ibiza Review

ByRohini Nambiar

Aug 25, 2019

Offering an experience straight from the “party capital” of the world, Symphonic Ibiza is a unique experience for fans of electronic dance music. Featuring popular tunes from the EDM genre in the last three decades, the unique selling point of this performance is the seamless mesh of electronic music with a live orchestra band. 

Its second run in Edinburgh following its debut at Hogmanay, Symphonic Ibiza is the brainchild of DJ and Producer Andy Joyce and composer Steve Etherington. Starting off on a high note and paying tribute to Scotland, the first number features a bagpipe player that alludes to the musical genius in Symphonic Ibiza, through its ability to mesh different genres of music. The incorporation of singers in certain numbers pushes the musical quality in Symphonic Ibiza to the next level. It is evident that the musicians in the band are highly professional from their flawless rendition of club hits.  

The charisma of the singers, conductor and DJ further adds to the party atmosphere in the Underbelly Central Hall. The strobe lighting and acoustics in the venue work perfectly for the performance, transforming the place into a nightclub. Unlike a normal club that usually caters for a youthful clientele, Symphonic Ibiza offers an experience for a wide range of audience by including beats from the 80s and 90s.  

The two-hour performance incorporates a 10-minute interval mid-set and goes by rather quickly. The tribute to Avicii by performing two of his most famous hits is a nice touch to the performance and has the crowd grooving to the beat. The rave ends on a crescendo with a cover of Florence + the Machine’s You’ve got the Love which has the crowd singing and dancing along. 

Ultimately, Symphonic Ibiza is for the festival-goer who is looking for a good time with amazing music. Be prepared to be dancing all night! 


Symphonic Ibiza runs till Aug 25 

Tickets can be found here: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/symphonic-ibiza 

Image Credit: Roberto Ricciuti

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