The most Scottish game of all time? When Scotland beat the World Cup finalists but still ended up losing

Was Scotland’s fateful world cup against the Netherlands in 1978 the most ‘Scottish’ game of all time? Well, yes and no. Scotland rallied to one of their greatest performances, knowing they needed to beat the Netherlands by three clear goals in the final group game of the 1978 World Cup. However, in true Tartan Army […]

Cult Column Film

Cult Column: Halloween (1978)

After 40 years and over 10 follow-ups, the world keeps coming back to the night he came home. John Carpenter’s horror masterpiece Halloween has been succeeded by almost a dozen sequels, remakes and reboots now, but not one has yet achieved anywhere close to the longevity, cultural permeation and near-universal adoration the 1978 original has. […]