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In Defence Of: Practical Magic

CW: domestic abuse, violence Every September, as soon as jumper weather arrives and the leaves start changing colour, I welcome in the Autumn by watching Practical Magic. It’s a perfect seasonal film, featuring witches, idyllic New England landscapes, and a soundtrack full of Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell. What’s not to love? A lot, according […]

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EIFF 2022: Resurrection Review

Resurrection, a slick new thriller from second-time writer-director Andrew Semans, wastes no time in establishing its protagonist and its stakes. Rebecca Hall plays Margaret, a businesswoman at a biotech company. She lives in a fancy apartment, listens to classical music, goes for intense runs after work and invites a married colleague over for sex when […]

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Breaking the silence

CW: sexual assault I still remember the first time my mother told me not to smile too much when taking a walk. Keep your head down, she used to tell me. You don’t want to attract negative attention. A mother of two daughters in a city known for its violence, she was afraid for us. […]

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Fight for the Night march: students share their experiences

Content warning: explicit descriptions of sexual harassment and assault Ask any girl group if they’ve experienced sexual harassment and you’ll be bombarded by a plethora of stories, ranging from anecdotes of catcalling to Trump-style ‘pussy-grabbing.’ I duly posed this question to my group and the result was as predicted. The first story detailed my friend’s […]


On News, Comment, and Abuse

The Student is a very special society. It provides students at The University of Edinburgh a quality platform to express their ideas. Our doors are open to everyone: all of our editors and writers are volunteers. For each of us, the newspaper is a hobby. But last week, work at The Student didn’t feel like […]


Fifty Shades normalises abuse, not BDSM

The Fifty Shades franchise could have been part of progress towards destroying stigmas around BDSM and kink – had a healthy, accurate BDSM relationship been portrayed. Instead, these supposed ‘erotic romance’ novels perpetuate the myths that BDSM is inherently abusive and ‘abnormal’, and contribute to the ongoing upholding of rape culture by posing Christian Grey’s […]